Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eleven Magazine Covers

Eleven dropped the new cover today and it features Lupe Fiasco (awesome song link ... has Thom Yorke!) on his new album, Lasers.

(click on the images to view larger)

The press kit photo had great lighting to play up the type creating the glow on Lupe (we're boys now i call him Lupe) and referencing the new album as well. With some great teamwork and ideas from Logan at Eleven, i finally nailed it down to where i thought i had a convincing look that sat well on the cover. The image on the left is w/out the content text, so if you're wondering about the empty space ... some will be filled. It's out on news stands on Friday, so pick one up if you're in St. Louis.

Below are a scan and a jpg of the last cover i was lucky enough to do, Girl Talk (free d/l!). This one was a lot of fun, but took quite a while to arrive at the right solution for his floating tools, including lots of sketches and almost using the many-arms-of-Vishnu setup. Glad we didn't do that ... nobody like drawing hands*.

* I realize tons of people love drawing hands.

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